What is a transit period in astrology and is it real?

What is a transit period in astrology and is it real?
So I did this reading thing and it says my transit period is coming, and it only happens once or twice sometimes never in a persons life, and the person I went for is making me pay 79$ to continue the reading and help me through this period. So what is a transit period, and is it real

Suggestion by Hayley
Cavement didnt pay a penny to get through a ‘transit period’ and they made it through fine.
You can find information on transit periods here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrological_transit

It’s your choice as to wether you believe in Astroloy or not, but you should’nt have to pay a penny to do so.

Suggestion by Michelle
Transits and transiting periods are real, *BUT* do *NOT* pay for that! You’ve found your way on to the list of a scammer who uses that line in her spams. Here’s what AstroDataBank, part of the larger, more well-known Astrodienst (http://www.astro.com/) site has to say:


You’ll probably find that person’s name listed on the above link.

As for transits and transiting periods, the movements of the planets and luminaries (Sun and Moon) against your natal chart create interactions known as transits. Transits of the planets and luminaries in the cosmos can be called transiting periods and refer to the time it takes any planet or luminary to go through the entire zodiac.

Hope that helps.

Suggestion by aspicco
You were talking to a scam artist and a fraud…

Yes transits exist and they happen all the time in everybody’s chart. Yes some transits are more unique than others, but this person was giving you the hard sell… run away.

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What books should I read or hobbies should I get into?
These are topics that I’ve found interesting. Just wanted to get you opinions on books or hobbies you think I would like based on these things : )

Indian culture
Eating clean
Whatever it’s called when certain smells affect your mood lol

I dont know much about any of these things. I just find it interesting. : ) any book recommendations to learn about these things or any other hobby suggestions?

Suggestion by ?
I think thats called Aroama therapy?

Suggestion by Lelouch
hypnosis, definitely.

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How accurate is Astrology Sun Sign Relationship Compatibility?
How accurate is astrology in predicting the success or failure of a relationship? Has anyone been in a relationship that astrology says is very compatible but didn’t last & vice versa: Astrology says is Not compatible but has lasted?

Suggestion by I Love This Song
Not Very .

Suggestion by Sara
Probably everyone here knows how I feel about this; perhaps it’s not the popular opinion, but here goes:
I’ve done a lot of compatibility charts for people, and ultimately, no matter what it says, the human factor predominates. Even if two souls are incompatible, they may make it work. Yes, one of them will put up with outrageous conditions in marriage, but they love each other, and stay together for a lifetime.
I’ve gotten to a place where I just look to see if the two people involved want the same things. I do pay attention to the Moon. If a man has Moon in Cancer, he wants a woman who is comforting, domestic, a great listener, who has compassion and gentleness. He may find it in a woman born under the sign, Sun in Cancer. If so, he wants one like her and his love will go to her.
Same thing for the woman. The Moon is a grasping need, a ground zero for the soul, the “coming home” factor.
Even a good angle between the Sun in one chart and the Moon in the other is favorable.
Will people without the Moon connection still have long marriages? Sure. That’s the human factor. The heart wants what it wants. You can fall in love with someone and put up with them for years because your heart is given to them.
There’s a whole formula for spiritual harmony, even down to the asteroid Eros in one chart conjuncting a planet in another chart (“the smitten heart”) but ultimately, it’s a people thing.

Suggestion by Markab
It isn’t accurate at all, and I’m an astrologer in a long time marriage with a supposedly Sun sign incompatible wife. Sun sign astrology is great for introducing people to the subject and some will as a result, pursue the subject in greater depth. Other than that it is almost useless. Sometimes it seems to work. Let’s say we have a great relationship between a Taurus and Virgo. The Sun signs are trine and according to one of the myriad of systems for this sort of thing this is a good match. They share things: bother are practical and materialistic to a point, and they compliment. Taurus needs a kick to get moving and Virgo is more than able to apply appropriately. But when it works, I’d bet there is lot more going on in the charts that causes it to work. Many, many times it will fail.

Sun sign matches are appealing to lovesick teenage girls looking for something called a soulmate: the person who can almost read her mind and fulfill her romantic needs and desires without a thought. Girls I have bad news for you: guys aren’t like that and most of them won’t figure out what you really want before they’re in their 40s, if you’re lucky. Hint: tell them what you want. It isn’t as romantic, but it has a better success rate. Relationships require effort and compromise. They don’t just happen and they don’t happen because of Sun signs, Mars and Venus signs, 7th house cusps, or synastry either.

There are astrological techniques that can help with this sort of thing, but at best they identify strong and weak points in the relationship. It’s up to the couple to see that it works.

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  1. Vic DiCara says

    Basing any astrology on only one factor – in this case the mutual Sun Signs of two people – is going to be only as good as luck (the luck that the one factor you are focusing on entirely happens to be the most important of all the dozens of important factors for that specific horoscope matching between the partners in the couple).

    I have found that at least a four planet system is important – using the Ascendant (ok, not a “planet”), Moon, Sun and Venus to represent the four pillars of relationships: practical, emotional, ideological and desire compatibility. These readings are significantly stable and good and useful.

    – Vic DiCara

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  2. chainlightningâ…ś says

    Astrology is a type of fortune telling, that some people take as a lifestyle. It is ancient, made up, belief based, unproved, stereotyping, and bigoted. No two astrologers, websites, and books will be the same. There is no consistency. They all contradict each other. The contradictions show that it is worthless. All of the types of astrology do the same. If Western says you are not compatible with someone but Chinese and Indian say you are which one is valid? More likely none are rather than one is.

    Few people mention the bigotry in astrology. No one controls when they are born, or what race, sex and nationality. Racism and sexism are see as a discrimination for the last three. Astrology bases it’s stereotyping on the calendar. None of the stereotypes have any factual evidence of being true, certainly statistics will not back astrology.

    Why be a slave to the stars? Learn to judge people on their actions, not their birthday and never let others choose your friends.

    “Religion ends and philosophy begins, just as alchemy ends and chemistry begins and astrology ends, and astronomy begins”.

    Christopher Hitchens

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  3. dew says

    ‘What is real? Define ‘real’?’ (in Morpheus’ voice)

    Never forget, the Matrix has you.

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